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"I was introduced to Leslie via the National Autistic Society, when I was looking for a therapist for my son, Felix, who has Asperger’s. From the very first session Felix had with Leslie, I knew (from Felix’s incredibly positive reaction) that the relationship was going to be an invaluable one. And indeed over a period of more than two years, Felix saw Leslie on a regular basis, to help him navigate his way through some of the challenges he faced, as a young man coming to terms with his disability.
Leslie was always insightful, thoughtful, and compassionate, and I would not hesitate to recommend him as a therapist who has a unique ability to understand the issues and difficulties someone with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) might face."
-- Felix's father --

"I received counselling during a very stressful period in my life from Leslie and I found it to be a very supporting experience. I found that I was able to talk about a wide range of issues that were on my mind and to receive the necessary guidance and Leslie's kind and patient approach gave me much comfort in coming to terms with my condition. I would highly recommend him for others on the Autism Spectrum Disorder as he has a lot to offer in terms of advice and encouragement."
--Ian --

"I now feel I really understand what patience and going with the flow means. My little girl teaching me, like I’m teaching her. Thanks for helping me find that myself. Thank you for making me recognise the signs and symptoms of post-natal depression (PND) and helping me come to terms with this, I do monitor myself for further signs of PND.."
--Amanda --

"Leslie Stanberry workshop was very informative I learnt a lot about autism. The workplace scenarios was well demonstrated with the PowerPoint and better understanding about how communication can be overlooked, EXCELLENT workshop."
-- Mohammed --

"I found his workshop very informative and interesting. I was highly impressed, especially as Leslie is on the spectrum himself. I will definitely attend more workshops, facilitated by Leslie."
-- Jane --

"Felt motivated that, having met Leslie who has ASD, there are opportunities and positiveness to achieve during adulthood whilst on the spectrum."
-- Frances --

"Leslie is a qualified Counsellor who uses the Ladbroke Resource Centre to work with clients on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He combines his knowledge of Autism and how it effects people, especially helping people with their anxieties issues with a very person centred approach. Leslie brings his warm energy and enthusiasm to the centre with a sensitivity to the individual and their needs."
-- John --

"I have known Leslie in both a professional and a personal context for some five years. He is a skilled and unusually empathic counsellor who works to the highest ethical standards, and he has particular understanding and experience of counselling people with Autism Spectrum Conditions (including Asperger Syndrome)."
-- David Perkins Director, AS Mentoring Ltd --

These are some other comments made at my workshops

"Leslie was open, direct and honest. He gave me food for thought and made me look at how I am raising my son."

"Fantastic and very informative workshop, well worth attending."

"More workshops like this needed."

"Very useful information."

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