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Counselling and training in South West London.

We all have our off days and wouldn't it be great to be able to work to our highest potential all the time? Unfortunately we can not always be superhuman and at times we are our own worst enemy.

My name is Leslie Stanberry. I am an integrative psychotherapeutic counsellor, and an accredited member of the British Association Counselling Pyschotherapists and registered member of the UK Coucil of Psychotherapy, practising in South West London for over ten years. I work with individuals on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period, addressing various difficulties (here is an extended list of areas I can help with), with the aim of enabling progress to work towards desired goals. Through personal or online counselling, sessions can be arranged to suit client needs.

I specialise in counselling adults and children with autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), and it is through personal experience with ASDs that I believe I have developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the problems that those suffering from autism and associated difficulties can face in their everyday life.

I worked for 14 months on a voluntary basis as a counsellor for The Place2be, a charitable organisation that provides counselling to children in primary schools (See the website here for more information). I gained my experience of working with children at The Place2be, in which I was required to undertake a full CRB check, attend training by way of comprehensive workshops and to be mindful of child protection safeguarding policies and procedures.

As well as ASDs, I also work with other related neurological conditions and disabilities. Additionally, I offer mentoring to families and children who have an ASD or difficulties associated with autism.

I have developed a unique bespoke style of counselling service, honed from personal and academic experiences, in which to help my clients towards having a better understanding of:

  • How we hear others
  • How we imagine others hearing us
  • How we hear ourselves

    And the same can also be applied to perception:

  • How we perceive others
  • How we imagine others perceiving us
  • How we perceive ourselves.

    Having a better understanding of how we hear and perceive ourselves and others,will help us develop better relationships with those around us, and ultimately with ourselves; directly addressing our overall self esteem, to acquire the necessary tools to problem solve, enhance our daily coping strategies, and to address ourselves in the here and now. My work is particularly effective with those that face challenges with autism and associated disorders.

  • Integrative Counselling

    As an integrative counsellor, I use three main counselling approaches; which when used in conjunction with each other, become a very effective form of counselling:

    • Psychodynamic: This can help address unresolved childhood issues.

    • Existential Phenomenology: This can help a person deal with past and upcoming events, allowing them to fully engage in the present.

    • Person Centred: This can help address a person’s self-autonomy, their own potential and how they value themselves and others.

    All clients are treated in a respectful, compassionate and professional manner, and all counselling sessions are confidential.

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