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Psycho-therapeutic Counsellor Ladbroke Grove Autism Centre

Autism Counselling: From Ladbroke Grove and South West London to any Global home that you may wish to Skype call me from for a session.

As an experienced counsellor at the Ladbroke Grove Centre, I motivate my clients through the autism counselling sessions — in order to recognise what they need as human beings so that they may work towards their highest potential.

I have developed an empathetic understanding of my clients needs, to help them to develop coping mechanisms, insights and an evolving awareness.

I also encourage working towards an overall sense of wellbeing, such as with reiki in South West London, which seems to go hand in hand with the autism counselling. I would recommend reiki alongside other relaxation techniques as a helpful contribution to mindful autism counselling experiences.

Sessions can be arranged to suit clients needs. Although I am available as a counsellor at Ladbroke Grove, I can also Skype call clients from Richmond, South West London.

Integrative Counselling:

As an integrative counsellor, I use three main counselling approaches; which when used in conjunction with each other, become a very Effective form of counselling:

Psychodynamic: This can help address unresolved childhood issues.

Existential Phenomenology: This can help a person deal with past and upcoming events, allowing them to fully engage in the present.

Person Centred: This can help address a person’s self-autonomy, their own potential and how they value themselves and others.
This is also why I admire the reiki techniques that I have learnt about in South West London as they focus upon bringing a sense of calm and invigoration to the individual.

Increased opportunities for online counselling -

I am also happy to take on more sessions with clients over the phone or via Skype on a regular basis.

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All clients are treated in a respectful, compassionate and professional manner, and all counselling sessions are confidential.

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